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Course curriculum

  • 01

    Finding, Hiring and Preparing For Your Team

    • Introduction: How To Use & Implement The Chaos To Control Package (Overview)

    • Join The SECRET 'Chaos To Control' Facebook Group

    • 001: Set-Up & Use Trello: How To Use Trello To Manage Your VA and Contractor Tasks (+ IMPORT My Trello Board Template)

    • 002: What Can You Outsource To A Virtual Assistant?

    • 003: Where To Get Your VA, How Much To Pay and How To Select The Best Person

    • 004: DOWNLOAD: Job Advert Template for General VIRTUAL ASSISTANT

    • 004: DOWNLOAD: Job Advert Template for VIDEO EDITOR

    • 004: DOWNLOAD: Job Advert Template for PODCAST MANAGER

    • 004: DOWNLOAD: Job Advert Template for Facebook Advertising Specialist/Manager

    • 004: DOWNLOAD: Job Advert Template for BOOK FORMATTER

    • 004: DOWNLOAD: Job Advert for GRAPHIC DESIGNER (for Social Media Image Card Design)

    • 004: DOWNLOAD: Job Advert for WORKBOOK DESIGNER

    • 005: How To Safely and Securely Share and Manage Passwords With Your Team

    • 006: How To Set-Up Your Email Marketing Account

    • 007: How To Set-Up Your Social Media Auto-Posting Software

    • 008: How To Make a VA or Contractor an Admin on Your Website (Securely!)

    • 009: How To Make Other People Admins and Managers of Your YouTube Channel - Securely!

    • 010: How To Make People Admins & Moderators of your Facebook Business Pages and Groups (Securely!)

    • 011: How To Use Google Workspace (Previously GSuite) to Work With Your Team & Collaborate on Documents

    • 012 How To Prepare Your Own 'Team Instructions' Google Drive File Using This Package

  • 02

    As Requested / One Off Tasks

    • 013: How To Set Up a Facebook Page and Group

    • 014: How To Add These Entry Questions To Your Facebook Group

    • 015: How To Create a 'Profile Funnel' on Facebook

    • 016: How To Set-Up Automated Calendar Booking System for Clients To Make Appointments

    • 017: How To Set-Up a Lead Magnet Opt-In

    • 018: How To Set-Up 11-Part Email Automation Welcome Series to Nurture & Upsell To Your Audience + ActiveCampaign Automation Import URL

    • 019: How To Set-Up Online Course 'Check In Sequence' To Keep Engagement and Completion Rates High + ActiveCampaign Automation Import URL

    • 020: How To Set-Up 'Ongoing Nurture Sequence'

    • 021: What is Zapier? IMPORT These xxx Zap Recipes into YOUR Zapier Account For Marketing & Admin Automation Extreme!

  • 03

    DAILY Tasks

    • 022: How To Manage Email Inbox & Daily Message Enquiries

    • 023: How To Manage Facebook Biz Page Inbox

    • 024: Project Management - How To

    • 025: How To Set Up Services Quoting Process In Your Business & Send Quotes To Customers

    • 026: How To Manage and Moderate Facebook Pages and Groups Comments and Posts

    • 027: How To Manage Facebook Group Join Requests & Add Facebook Group Members To Email List & Welcome Automation Sequence

    • 028: How To Check and Monitor LinkedIn Inbox

    • 029: How To Connect With Target Audience on LinkedIn

    • 030: How To Get Your Target Audience To Check You Out and Follow You on LinkedIn (LinkClump)

    • 031: How To - Twitter - Use This Tool to Connect With a Target Audience (Tweetdeck)

    • 032: How To Unfollow Non-followers on Twitter and Add Targeted New Connections

  • 04

    WEEKLY Tasks

    • 033: How To Upload Videos To YouTube

    • 034: How To Transcribe and Caption Videos

    • 035: How To Transcribe Your Videos - For Free (No Rev!)

    • 036: How To Add .srt Files (Subtitles/Closed Captions) To Online Course Videos

    • 037: How To Convert All Videos into Blog Posts with Embedded Video

    • 038: How To Email List Of Email Subscribers The Most Popular Video/Blog Of The Week

    • 039: How To Publish Blog Post as an Article on LinkedIn & Share in LinkedIn Groups + Zap Import

    • 040: How To Submit A Guest Article To Industry Blogs And Magazines

    • 041: How To Add Your Articles To Inbound and Medium

    • 042: How To Create Images/Image Quotes for Social Media

    • 043: How To Apply To Be a Guest on Other People’s Podcasts

    • 044: How To Ensure all newly released content has been added to social media auto-posting software

    • 045: How To Upload YouTube Videos Natively To Facebook Using Scheduler

    • 046: How To Approve and Add Affiliates To Online School

    • 047: How To Review, Moderate & Respond to All YouTube Comments

    • 048: How To Review All Zoom Recordings & Upload Any Workshops, Calls or Sessions To Relevant Academy/Course/Members Area

  • 05

    Monthly Tasks

    • 049: Finance Transfers & Money Management How To

    • 050: How To Collect & Input Data for Monthly Statistics Progress Tracking on the BHAG Strategic Plan

    • 051: Podcast Management (Editing & Publishing Episodes) How To

    • 052: How To Schedule repeating social media posts on pages/groups

    • 053: How To Get Speaker Gigs on Online Summits

    • 054: How To Get Speaker Slots as a Livestream Presenter in Big Facebook Groups

    • 055:How To Promote Udemy Coupons PLUS List of Promotion Sites and Facebook Groups

    • 056: How To Search For Any Local Tenders, Grants Or Funding

    • 057: How To Collect Customer Reviews/Testimonials and Add To Your Website & Facebook Page

    • 058: How To Add Any Published Blog Posts To The 'ongoing Nurture Sequence' In The Email Marketing Software

    • 059: How To Print Certificates and Mail To Your Students who Graduated this month - or send a thank you gift of some kind to clients

    • 060: How To Pay Affiliates

    • 061: How To Download Your Contact List From Email Software And Save In Backup Location

  • 06

    Quarterly Tasks

    • 062: How To Research High Demand Topics For Our Content Creation Planner

    • 063: How To Update List of Blogs/Magazines That Accept Guest Articles

    • 064: How To Turn all blog posts in to Slideshares and publish them

    • 065: How To Unenroll Inactive Users From Online School

    • 066: How To Create Event 'Countdown' Posts & Pre-Schedule Student Check-In Posts for Study Groups

    • 067: How To Review All Pages On Your Website, Check For Edits + Get A Designer Or VA To Make Your Changes

  • 07

    Annual Tasks

    • 068: How To Plan all of your events for the year and publish in these locations

    • 069: How To Update Inventory Items & Pricing in Accounting Software For Quotes & Invoices

    • 070: How To Update Your 'About Me/Bio' in These Locations

    • 071: How To Update Your Terms of Use, Refunds and Privacy Policies (DOWNLOAD Template)

    • 072: How To Compile Your Blog Posts into a Book or eBook

    • 073: How To Plan your Annual Holiday Promotions and Special Offers


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