Startup Essentials: How To Grow Your Business

Startup Essentials: How To Grow Your Business - Part 2

Discover strategic business development and how it grows your business - Part 2 of 2 | taught by Sarah C

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Course description

This course is the second part of a 2-part series aimed to provide the startup business owner or new entrepreneur with the must-know fundamentals of strategic business planning and development - ensuring you have the critical foundations in place to succeed.

It comprises of 10+ video lectures, practical activities and a template to not only provide you with the fundamental knowledge you need to succeed as a business owner, but also puts it all into practice by taking you through the process of strategic planning for your own business growth in guided activities as we go along.

  • List your strategic business goals and objectives
  • Have defined and prepared your business key results areas and key performance indicators for success
  • Defined your company vision and mission and how that will underpin all business activity
  • Defined your business trademarks so that you have a set of behaviours and unique values that make you stand out from your competitors
  • How to critically analyse and assess your business objectives to ensure you are set up for success - with the right level of challenge vs achievability
  • Plan your business activities around profits and income
  • Plan your ‘business management’ time in balance with your ‘paid hours’ time.

Anyone who wants to ensure their business is built for success and wants to have strong systems for getting more customers, making more sales and reaching their new business income goals will benefit from taking this 2 part course series

Course Curriculum

Welcome to the course
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Strategic Business Planning For Growth
Getting Clear On Where You’re Going
De-fogging The Glass
ACTIVITY: The Foundations of Your Business
Business Goals and Objectives
Work Backwards
Plan For Success
Analyse The Plan
Billable vs Admin Hours
Testing Out a Goal
ACTIVITY: Your 12 Month Productivity Plan
KRA’s & KPI’s
ACTIVITY: Your Goals & Objectives
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Personal Effectiveness & Productivity for Business Success
Where Your Ultimate Productivity Resides
Personal Effectiveness vs Efficiency: What’s the Difference?
Personal Effectiveness vs Efficiency: Covey’s 7 Habits
Personal Effectiveness vs Efficiency:What is Being Proactive?
Effectiveness vs Efficiency: The Question for Staying Focussed
Strategically Plan for Career Success
Scheduling for Life & Career Success
7 Tips to Improve Your Efficiency
7 Tips to Improve Your Planning
Covey’s Urgent vs Important Quadrant
Time Log Analysis
Where are You Wasting Your Time?
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BONUS: What’s Next?
BONUS: FREE eBook - 50 Ways to Get More Customers
BONUS: Connect with Sarah
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