How To Write and Self-Publish Your Own Print Book and eBook

How To Write and Self-Publish Your Own Print Book and eBook

taught by Sarah Cordiner

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**Coming in November 2017**

This course is currently only delivered face to face, but is being filmed into an online course over November 2017.  This course will also open as a LIVE challenge in November.   If you want to also be part of the live challenge, make sure that as well as enrolling here, that you also join the event in my Facebook group 'Entrepreneur to Edupreneur'.


Ever since I could remember I had that big, audacious dream of one day becoming an 'Author'.

I always loved books as a kid, and I still to this day get excited about purchasing a new book, and flicking through it's crisp information-loaded pages.  

Every time I walked into a bookshop, I'd imagine my own name on the cover of one of those shelves.

In 2015, that dream finally became a reality; and in the past 2 years, I have self-published 7 books (5 of which are print books) - 4 of which have taken the 'Number 1 Best-Seller' spot in their category.

Having gone through the process of writing and self-publishing a whopping 7 times, AND now being in that magical place of having my books on bookstore shelves, I have put this online course together for you to show you the exact, in-depth process for writing and publishing your print book and eBook.

One of the biggest things I discovered about writing and publishing a book is that it is nowhere near as hard as we imagine.  These days, anyone with an internet connection and the commitment to write daily, can become an author on a minute budget.

This course is delivered via video tutorials that are mostly screen-showing explainer videos.  You will see the publishing process of one of my real books being published in real life - every single button click - so that you can follow along step by step and PUBLISH YOUR BOOK BY THE END OF THE COURSE.

This course will show you:

- How to structure your book

- How to draft your book outline

- How to write your book

- How I wrote my first book in 72 hours

- How to format your book

- How to get your content into the right template for publishing (downloadable templates included in the course)

- How to edit your book

- How to manage the internal design process

- How to design your book covers for print and Kindle

- How to get your ISBN and barcodes so that you can be your own independent publisher and bookstores and libraries can find you

- How to get your book listed in the National Library database

- How to Save your files ready for the publishing process

- How to set up your Createspace account and upload your book files ready for publishing

- How to set up and upload your files to Amazon Kindle ready to be published on Amazon

- How to print your hard copies of your book

- Press 'publish' and become a published Author on Amazon and associated major book distributors

- Tips for your launch and pre-sales

- Mistakes to avoid


This is not a free course.  It is one seriously valuable show-all program.  I have earned THOUSANDS from becoming a published author, not just from the book sales but from what being 'published' has lead to - such as a huge increase in paid speaking gigs, more corporate clients and more trust from the public in my suite of products and services.

For EVERYTHING listed above, this course is an absolute bargain investment of just $197.

Yep.  That's it!

BUT WAIT - it gets even BETTER than that!....  

You can get this course for FREE if you are a member of the 'Edupreneur Academy' - for just $47 you can get access to ALL of my books and courses!

So you can pay just $197 for access to this course on it's own.  


join the Edupreneur Academy for $47 a month and you'll get this course and over 30+ other courses, all of my books and all future courses (and it's a cancel ANYTIME membership).

If you are already a member of The Edupreneur Academy, you will get this course automatically added to your dashboard.

If you are already a member of The Edupreneur Academy, you will get this course automatically added to your dashboard.

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